How cool is that!!

1/2 a dozen of us spent the day yesterday learning from Robbie Dawkins (look him up if you don't know him!) about 'power evangelism' - he was filming for TBN UK, the only Christian channel on Freeview.  We got the chance to get a bit 'up close and personal' with him and a friend in leadership in a Church in the states.

We then went out on the streets on the southbank of london and were filmed praying for people. How cool!!  So much happened but I have focussed here on what I was involved with!!

Though I was slightly nervous to begin with I soon got into it.  It was very encouraging and inspiring.  We basically asked people if they had any pain that they would like us to ask God to take away and if they were happy to be filmed while we prayed for them.  I prayed for a guy who gets a sore back and upper legs whenever he plays sport - he started to get a tingling sensation in the areas which normally get sore and I told him that the next time he plays sport, if he is healed, that it was Jesus who had healed him to show him how much He loved him and how much He wanted to have a relationship with him.

I felt inspired to approach a young couple and asked them if they had any pain.  The guy gets migraines and asked me to pray for him.  As I prayed he felt shaky all over.  I told him the same thing about Jesus wanting to show him how much he loved him and wanted a relationship with him.  Just after this they became Christians.  

How encouraging, faith building, and challenging!!  what does this mean for us as a church plant? how can we make this kind of thing the centre of what we do?  How do we make it authentic for this area?  lots of stuff to lay before God and then act on :)

Nick Griffin