Christianity - a blind leap of faith?

Sometimes we imagine that becoming a christian is taking a blind leap of faith.

Nicky Gumbel in the Alpha course describes becoming a christian as:

' Taking a step of faith based on sound historical evidence'

It does not need to be a leap, it can be a step

and it is based on good evidence.  

Some of the greatest lawyers, scientists, and minds over history have looked into the evidence surrounding Jesus and come to the conclusion 'it is true!'  God really did come to earth in the person of Jesus and through him it is possible to have the most wonderful intimate relationship with God.

If we're Christians, do we understand this evidence enough to strengthen our faith and help us to have more of a reason for our faith?

If we're not a Christian have we looked into the evidence before assuming it isn't true?

Over May and June London Life Vineyard will be showing the Alpa course in one of the screens at the Picturehouse Cinema in Crouch End.  It is our chance to avoid a blind leap of faith and look at the evidence that could allow us to step into the relationship which it is said causes all of life to make sense!




Nick Griffin