We think that the best way to help others to find out what God is really like is to start vibrant churches in different areas, and we are convinced that He wants us to start a church for crouch end and the surrounding areas of north london.  

We want to be the kind of Church where we: 

Dare - to find out about Jesus

Dream - big dreams with Him

Do - put these dreams into practice

Our vision is:

'To be a growing, authentic and contemporary, Christian community weaved into the fabric of North London, who live out our God-given dreams, loving Jesus, wanting to be more like him, and do what he did wherever we go'

In practice, as we discover and live out our God given dreams, we trust that God will call people to bring the kingdom of God through:

  • their work
  • social action projects
  • loving and  bringing life to their neighbours and local communities
  • gathering large,thriving, Christian congregations in different locations across the Borough of Haringey, and North Central and North East London.  We expect to have at least 4 of these by 2020 including Crouch End, Hornsey, North Islington and in the East of the Borough.  Over time these congregations will either develop into their own Churches or be part of the London Life Vineyard Community.